Monday, November 30, 2009

Looking at Last Year's Post... YIPES!!! The Days They are a Changin'

Okay so now we are officially 66. I won't bore you with how many days we have according to stats.

We are very blessed because .....
  • our families are all well
  • we are alive and not kicking much...
  • we have Mom Pedley who is so grateful for everything Syl, I or ANYONE does for her
  • she has been losing her vision due to macular degeneration .... I looked that up and it is the generation BEFORE generation x OR generation y
  • we have 5 healthy grandchildren
  • we have two healthy mothers
  • we have 4 healthy daughters and sons-in-law
  • I can still type (:-)
  • we have a Mom Noake who is also very grateful for any help she gets
  • God has perfect timing even tho it does not come up to our specifications (:-)
  • we just had a great visit with our friends the Hepburns in Bridgenorth Ontario
  • the Hepburns run the beautiful, highly recommended Gethsemane Guest House
  • it is located in Bridgenorth, Ontario

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