Monday, December 29, 2008

Ellen and I - Our 65th Christmas

Life is way too short. Although some may feel it is TOO long, I say it is too short. Here's why:
  • Each year has 365 1/4 days [try getting up early on the 1/4 day! (:-)>]
  • Multiply 365 x 84 years for females or 80 years for men.
  • Both Ellen and I have lived for 23725 days. Where did they all go? Some day maybe I won't remember ANY of them but that is not too likely since all my grandparents did not have any problems with remembering, at least any more than average. However my Grandmother Irene Wallingford, did have trouble in her last 3 years. Up to age 94, my grandmother, could beat my mother, Lilian Pedley in the game of bridge. In her last 3 years she did have a problem with memory. However since medication and food has improved, I figure until age 100, I won't have a problem, except for normal senior moments!
  • Now it may seem grim but my wife with normal life expectation has 19 years of life left, which works out to 6935 days. Short eh?
  • At male life expectancy of 80 years, I have 15 years x 365days each left = 5475. Whew! Way too short! Told you!
  • I had better get busy earning my first million dollars, buying that Plymouth Barracuda hatchback and purchasing my 65 foot yacht to travel around the world. Oh! Oh! Reality check: I can never save for my first million now and Plymouth Barracudas, those that are left are way more expensive than they were when introduced. My bank account proves that the only yacht I could afford would be a rubber raft with a paddle and plastic raincoat for a sail! It worked at Chippawa Park Lake!

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